Pære, one step ahead

Pære, the youngest company in the group, was established to provide high-quality, durable products and essential equipment to businesses and governmental or non-profit organizations. Pære focuses on the worldwide sales of water treatment equipment to produce clean drinking water from polluted- and / or salt water. Pære's products are selected after careful consideration of supply and demand in the market and are released after (further) development and extensive test cycles in the factory. Additionally, we focus on development of cardboard, waterproof cardboard and their applications in products. By doing so Pære provides in the demand for innovative products and the quality requirements of her customers and their end users.​​​​​

Smart Industry Ambassadors are companies and organizations that are ready for the future and actively contribute to the realization of the action agenda Smart Industry. They share knowledge with the Smart Industry Network. You can also get Smart Industry ambassador! Smart Industry is a development that succeeds when companies, employees, schools, researchers and governments join forces. Collaborate and share knowledge in the network are crucial.

Pære is proud Ambassador of "Smart Industry"
We are ready for the future

Pære is proud partner of "Much More Water"
Clean & Safe water to every man, woman & child

anywhere and anytime.

Pære is proud supporter of "De Veteranen Campus"
​An initiative by and for veterans to resocialize, reintegrate and improve the participation of veterans in business.

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