Pære, one step ahead

Pære, the youngest company in the group, was established to provide high-quality, durable products and essential equipment to businesses and governmental or non-profit organizations. Pære focuses on the worldwide sales of water treatment equipment to produce clean drinking water from polluted- and / or salt water. Pære's products are selected after careful consideration of supply and demand in the market and are released after (further) development and extensive test cycles in the factory.

We are proud that our company’s mission of supplying clean water to all is in perfect alignment with the UN Global Goals.The United Nations have defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals to Transform Our World: Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all. 

You can meet us:

01-06-2017 - Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI) – VNO NCW – den Haag http://dchi.nl

15-06-2017 - Business dialogue


The company’s BlueBox concept for drinking water purification is a proven technology with an impressive track record: more than 300 installations in 32 countries over 10 years, field tested and approved by UNICEF, WHO, FMV, DEMA, RED CROSS.